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For most parties, going to trial is the least desirable option.   With Legal Mediation, an alternative dispute resolution method, the involved parties can settle legal matters without the time, frustration, and cost of trials.

At Long Bay Law, our attorneys are empathetic and skilled negotiators who act as neutral arbitrators during the Mediation process.  In this role, we are NOT representing a client in the traditional sense.  Instead, we work to assist BOTH parties by helping them to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively relative to the cost of court proceedings. 

Our goal is to help both parties achieve settlements that allow them to move forward while avoiding litigation.  One of the primary ways we accomplish this is by helping both sides understand the business, personal, and financial ramifications of the dispute and how a settlement would benefit them.

If you have any type of legal dispute, be it business-related or a personal family matter, contact Long Bay Law TODAY to learn how we can help you move forward with Legal Mediation.

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