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If your unpaid tax bill is starting to pile up and you are being pressured by the IRS, you should contact Long Bay Law.

Out-of-control debt can lead to serious anxiety and stress, especially without an attorney involved to negotiate on your behalf.  Long Bay Law understands how much of a struggle debt causes and how difficult it can be to pay back taxes.   As a general rule, if you can’t pay off the full amount owed without assistance within 5 years,  you should retain a lawyer.

We have years of experience and knowledge pertaining to the best methods for alleviating IRS Tax debts.   Having one of our attorneys focus on a tax debt resolution can put you on track for peace of mind and financial freedom.

The IRS offers several types of installment plans, but the qualification details can be tricky and hard to understand.   Many consumers falsely believe that they can settle for “pennies on the dollar”, but that kind of settlement is actually quite rare and difficult to qualify for.  

Not always, but sometimes, Bankruptcy is the best option.  Start by contacting us for a FREE Bankruptcy consultation.  Let’s discuss your overall situation and we will help you to determine the best way to resolve your tax burden.

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